Monday, 21 November 2016

ACW Union

Next up ism my Union Army, starting with my Iron Brigade. 24 figures per unit, based 3x2 on each 60mm square base:

Next the Irish, 2 more 24 man units

Command figures:

Artillery, plus a limber and a couple of other carts

And finally cavalry, 2 X 12 figure units, based 3x1 on 60mm square bases:
Commanded by Custer (who else?)

ACW Confederates

Here are some new pictures of my growing confederate army. Beginning with 6 units of infantry (24 figure units, based 3x2 on a 60mm square base:

The command figures are all based seperately (flags still to be added). So the plan is to have two infantry units in a brigade, each with their own command base, plus 2 artillery pieces.
Generals, based seperately
Artillery, and a limber
And lastly the cavalry, 4 units, based 3x1 on 60mm square bases:

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Sassanid Persian Army - Aventine Miniatures

Hi this is my new Sassanid army, comprised of 28mm Aventine Miniatures. There are 30 Clibanarii heavy cavalry, 12 light cavalry, 2 elephants, 24 spearmen and 12 archers. I think the cavalry are some of the best Sassanids available, and have (I think) painted up really nicely. The half armoured horses are absolutely brilliant sculpts!

New desert basing

For my Sassanid army, I've been experimenting with basing technique - three stone sizes and new colours. I'm using 3mm thick mdf bases, with each unit based on a 120mm wide base.

Fix the figures to the multi base with pva glue, adding large stones as desired, leave to dry for 24 hours

Paint the whole base with pva glue. Sprinkle patches of medium stones randomly, then small stones (over the medium stones). Then while pva is still wet, dunk the entire base in fine sand and shake off excess. Allow to dry for another 24 hours

Cover the entire base in diluted Pale Umber (this is A relatively new Windsor and Newton acrylic colour in a tube, it's a stone grey (light grey with a hint of brown). Let this dry completely, then apply a highlight of Foundry base sand 10b all over using a drybrush technique. I also use this colour for the edge of the mdf base.  Finally apply Vallejo pale sand 837 to the stones areas only

Last of all, apply 3 or 4 grass tufts to each base using pva glue blobs. For my Sassanids I've chosen a burnt grass effect. 

28mm Arthurians - £400

Arthurians - 21 mounted, 65 foot
Infantry are mostly Westwind, Cavalry are Footsore, Westwind and Gripping Beast miniatures
Up for sale now on eBay

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Anglo Norman Army for Sale, £375

5 mounted, 96 foot. 
Wargames Foundry (ex citadel Normans/Vikings)
Please get in touch if you are interested

Starting with one command cavalry unit

2 units of spearmen

1 unit of bowmen

4 units of mixed spear/missile troops

2 units of Saxons