Saturday, 8 June 2019

Late Roman Cavalry

Heavy Cavalry on the left are Schola Scutarorum Prima. The Light Horse Archers are the Equites Sagittari Parthi Iuniores

Late Roman infantry 2.

More auxiliaries

Late Roman infantry 1

The unit on the left is Quinta Macedonia (Legionary) and on the right is Gratianenesis Iuniores (Auxilia Palatina)

Friday, 15 March 2019

Some Aventine Miniatures Romans - a unit of cataphracts and bowmen. Some of my favourite figures they have produced to date. These are for sale on eBay (emperorbaz1)

I’ve had a productive week, not only with these two units that arrived in the post last week, but also finishing off quite a few projects that have been waiting quite a while - two Imperial Roman armies (28mm Foundry and 15mm Corvus/westwind), Huns/Franks (28mm Foundry), a Viking SAGA warband (the 28mm Foundry old range, formerly citadel). This weekend I’ll be basing them all. 

That’s what happens when you take a week off work and don’t go anywhere. Wonderfully relaxing!