Monday, 31 October 2016

28mm Figure Sale

I'm selling quite a number of armies. Outline below, very reasonably priced, more details available on request:

All figures are METAL, well painted, and based for impetus rules (120mm wide bases). 

Imperial Roman Army - NOW SOLD (1 NOV)

Arthurians £400 -now up for sale on eBay
21 mounted, 65 foot
Westwind, Footsore miniatures
Photos added 3rd Nov

Anglo Norman £375 -now listed on eBay
5 mounted, 96 foot
Wargames Foundry (ex citadel Normans/Vikings)
Photos posted 1st Nov

Achaemenid Persians £600 (NOW SOLD 3rd Nov)

Numidians £300
12 cavalry, 60 foot
Wargames Foundry

Parthian £400 (NOW SOLDNov 3rd)

Sassanid Persian £500 (NOW SOLD NOV 4th)

U.K. Postage approx £15 per army.  Worldwide postage approx  £40-£60 each (10%)

Sunday, 23 October 2016