Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Just a few more Romans...

I painted these Foundry Early Imperial Romans for my good friend Nick this week. They are the bigger, Steve Saleh sculpts, which I have not painted previously. The nice thing about these was that the spears and shields were cast in, which meant they were quite quick to paint, no messing about with glue...

Sunday, 6 March 2016


This army had been in the painting queue for a year, it's a c400 bc Persian army made up of steve Saleh figures from Foundry, plus some others by Casting Room Miniatures, a brand which Foundry uses quite bizarrely to let you know they are by a different sculptor.

The infantry consist of a guard unit if "applebearers" (hoplites with bow), 4 units if kardakes (jav/bow), 2 median archers, 2 light infantry.

The cavalry are made up if 4 heavies and two lights, plus some scythed chariots.

The chariots (which also include my CIC) are made by Essex miniatures. It's been years since I painted any Essex figures, I had quite forgotten just how good the sculptures are. They were a joy to paint. They must be 30 years old at least. 

This will make up about 140 poing army for "To the Strongest" rules, enough for a small game. I have more to add, Greek and Scythian mercenaries, but I plan to have these as a deprecate, "mini-army", which can be used as allies for lots of other armies.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Perry Medievals

Well now for something completely different (for me that is!). Perry plastics, mercenaries c 15th century. I'm starting a small and entirely plastic (yes, that's also a first for me) army, probably Italian, but have begun by painting these mercenary hand gunners and crossbowmen.

Whilst I don't particularly enjoy sticking all the bits together, they are worth the effort, and the Perry plastics are amongst the best available. I started with a black undercoat with these (I toyed with white). One of the most daunting things about painting figures from this era, particularly well detailed figures like the perrys, is working out what everything is! What is armour, what isn't. Someone more familiar with the period would not have to keep referring to painting guides and box art to figure it all out. And you just know someone will take delight in pointing out any mistakes!

Over the last few weeks I have transitioned to using wood glue for fixing figures to their MDF bases. This works as better for plastics, and gives you a little working time to move the figures around to get a good effect. I'm using Gorilla wood glue which gets tacky after a few minutes, but like all wood/pva glues really needs a good 24 hours to dry thoroughly