Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A new hip and a commission

On February 5th I finally went ahead with a total hip replacement. I've been struggling for a few years and i decided to take the plunge, and after 72 hours I was back at home feeling a little sore but quite honestly amazed by how routine this op had become and how quickly I was able to get mobile again.

Facing 6 weeks off work, and R&R in spades, I had prepped up a whole host of figures to paint. My thinking was if all I could do was to sit in my armchair, it ought to be at the very least an ideal opportunity to get some of the lead pile turned into playable armies. 

Before I do, however, I undertook a small commission (first one for a couple of years, by choice) to paint a few Late Roman (Foundry) figures. They consist of 2 Legionary bases, 2 Auxilia, 1 light infantry (archers) , 1 artillery base, 2 light cavalry (archers), one command stand. I love these figures and have painted a few thousand or so in my lifetime....

Roman Archers

This is just a small unit of Hamian Archers for my Early Imperial Roman army. These are by Wargames Foundry. Sometimes it makes a nice change to do a single pack of figures and base them up as one unit.

I used GW reikland flesh shade for the first time in a little while. My local shop stocked the new larger bottles (which although twice the price, they must contain three times as much as the old ones).  They work well in well sculpted models such as these (by the perrys)