Saturday, 16 January 2016

Attila Victorious!

Two games of "To the strongest" played today! A few shots below
My Huns took on Nicks Late Romans (which are in a transition to new basing!). The first game was a 160 pointer, the Huns had both Gepid Cavalry and Frankish Warbands in the mix. The Romans were quite rapidly outflanked both sides by Hun cavalry, while the Franks in the centre held firm to draw the Roman infantry forward. The game lasted about 2.5 hours but ended in a resounding Hun victory

The second game was reduced to  120 points, same armies but this time the Huns were all cavalry and the Romans shrunk their infantry also. Some efficient shooting from 2 units Roman LI Archers took out three Hun Light Cavalry, the infantry being able to dodge behind supporting Auxilia kept them out of trouble.
However, again, on one flank, the Roman Cavalry were no match for Attila, and the Huns were again lapping round. Hun light cavalry are quite effective fighting on the flanks in these rules (all Huns were veterans). The Gepid (javelin armed) Heavy Cavalry supported well,  and also caused some damage t the Roman foot.
The second game was over in just over an hour. Very fast and furious!
The heroic Barbarian generals also proved their worth in both games, as did the lance armed Hun Nobles (when I remembered to play the lance rule!). We both had our fair share of misfortune with the ace cards drawn