Sunday, 15 March 2015

Lincombe Barn Sunday Game - "To the Strongest!"

Today we had a big Ancient Game at the Barn in Bristol using Simon Millers "To the strongest" rules. Owen, Nick and Andy played the Ancient Germans, and John and Craig were the Romans

Each army was approximately 150 points. None of the guys had played the rules before so I umpired. 
Here are some photos

It was a hard fought game, 150 points per side played on an 8x5 foot cloth, with 150mm square grid, with the romans having 4 cavalry, 6 legions, 3 auxilia and a slinger unit, while the Germans had 9 warbands, 4 cavalry, 3 light infantry. 

As I have witnessed in previous games, a conclusion was able to be reached within 3 hours, with the last hour of the game turned out to be a good slog, with successes on both sides on either flank. Finally the Germans broke in the centre, and with one command demoralised, it was a narrow victory for the Romans.

I noticed the guys picked the rules up very quickly. They all seemed to enjoy the game!

All in all great fun!