Sunday, 29 December 2013

Hail Caesar - first game

Yesterday my good friend Nick came down for our first game of Hail Caesar. Using mostly Nicks troops, a mixture of Aventine and A&A Imperial Romans, and Mark Copplestone's Ancient Germans, the game lasted over four hours but we were learning the rules as we went along.

The terrain was deliberately flat and both armies did their best to approach across my 4x8 table. Before we started, we took a decision to halve the move distances, as infantry moves are 6 inches and in some circumstances could move up to 3 times in one turn. In the first few turns the Romans centre command failed to execute their given orders, so the first engagements were with the cavalry on both flanks. First blood was to the Germans with the cavalry on their left seeing off their Auxiliary opponents, whilst A similar melee on the right lank became a more drawn out affair

After about 4 turns each, the inevitable mass melee occurred, and it was a pretty close run thing; whilst  the German Warbands had the advantage in the initial round of combat, the legionaries held firm, the auxiliaries did less well. Slowly but surely the Germans lost ground and several units became shaken before breaking. 

The game was thoroughly enjoyable, and just what both of us needed to inspire us to go away and have a closer read through of the rules before a second game. 

Verdict on the rules? Well after one game I think it's too early to judge,  but I am biased towards rules that don't require singularly based figures to enable casualty removal anyway, so HC was always going to win my favour on that score. I like the command and control rules, simple to understand, in fact the simplicity of the rules throughout was a pleasant surprise. No doubt we missed some important aspect we will soon discover (how else would I have lost?) but a definite thumbs up from me so far.

This was the only Wargame I took part in this year, so my new years resolution is to not allow life to get in the way of just having a few more occasions next year to enjoy this wonderful hobby with some very good friends.

My next posting will be an update on progress with my own German Army