Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Aventine Romans - the story so far

I finished a new unit of the Aventine Roan Contarii last weekend so I thought I better get the entire army out for one big pic. First, here are the new Contarii 

And here is the whole army ...

The running total now is 48 cav, 96 legionaries, 48 auxilia, 48 auxilia with bows, 8 manubalista, 12 slingers. Might get a couple more legionary cohorts and call it a day!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Foundry Late Roman

Here are some pictures of my Late Roman army -although I have taken pics of the individual units, I have set up my new Wargame table and am able to take some of the whole army

There are 6x18 infantry units, 2x12 armoured cavalry, 2x12 heavy cavalry, 2x12 light cavalry, 2x8 light infantry and 4 bolt shooters

Here is a close up of one flank -

And the other...

The plan is to double the number of infantry units (when time allows!)

Foundry Huns, Franks and Goths

This army was built in such a way that it be used on its own or parts could be used in my Late Roman Army. I am particularly pleased with the Hun Nobles, as I used some artistic license to mount them on A&A lamellar armoured horses, added Sassanid shields (because they were suitable eastern looking, and Lbms shield transfers

Here is a picture of all four Hun cavalry units together:

Here is the whole army: (48 Hun cavalry, 4x30 Frankish Infantry, 48 Goth/ Sarmatian cavalry):

Close up shot of the right flank -

Close up of the left flank -

Foundry Early Imperial Roman

I finally got round to taking some pictures of my completed 28mm armies. The first is my Foundry Early Imperials, one of my very favourites. I have about twice a many unpainted in the cupboard, so I may (one day) bring the  up to a full scale legion: as of now there are three cavalry units, four cohorts of Legionaries, and three auxilia (one of which are archers)

The first picture is of my Praetorian cavalry

The next two are conversions of foundry late Romans as cataphractarii

Here is a shot of the whole army: