Thursday, 1 December 2022

More Auxilia

 This week i have finished 2 units of Auxilia Palatina from Victrix miniatures:

1.The Honoriani Attecotti Iuniores

2.The Exculcatores Iuniores Britanniciani (The Squashers from Briton)

The Squashers are my favourite unit so far, with clean linen tunics and purple clavii, the bees knees as they say.  The Attecotti on the other hand as less well equipped, with darker tunics and fewer helmets to represent a lesser unit, possibly raw and hastily recruited fellows.

Im very pleased with how these shield designs turned out, its not a great moneysaver (printer ink is expensive) but it is a joy to do. 

Im looking forward to the armoured infantry from victrix. Fingers crossed the wait wont be too long 

I have also done a unit of Cataphracts, (Gripping Beast). The cataphracts horses are very good. All of these figures had head swaps - replacing them with some from the huge pile of Victrix heads i have left over! 

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Cyrus said...

Fantastic infantry and cataphracts!

My new Barbarian Army.

From Foundry Huns, Franks and Saxons ranges, all 28mm