Saturday, 26 September 2015

Retrieve the Eagles!

Another great game of Romans vs Germans today, this time using a scenario from the Germania Hail Caesar book from Warlord Games. Using "to the strongest" rules, Nick played the Roman forces of Germanicus looking to recover the three eagles from The Germanic forces under the command of Arminius.

The table is set out with three altars in three wooded areas each containing a Roman Eagle that the Romans have to recapture. In these areas are a random number of  Druids, giving encouragement to the Roman forces

The Romans deployed first, in 3 commands. The Germans, also in 3 commands, could only begin the game with 1 of those commands on the table

The 2nd and 3rd Germanic command arrived in move three and four after two failed dice rolls in the first two turns. 

The Romans quickly captured the first eagle close to their table edge but rather bullishly decided to carry it with them  as the Romans marched forward, rather than carry it back off the table. This Gave the German third command the opportunity to try and win it back when they arrived on the table on the flank of their enemy!

It was a close fought game, but the Romans won a narrow victory being in possession of two of the three eagles when the last of the German victory coins were lost. 

The game was huge fun made even more do by the uncanny appearance of the  ace of diamonds with alarming frequency at key moments in the game (if you haven't played TTS, drawing an ace from the pack is bad :0(  

Most poignant moment for me was the arrival of my 3 1/2 year old grandson and him seeing a wargame for the first time! Hopefully another wargamer in the making.....