Sunday, 23 August 2015

Republican Romans Vs Successors

Today Nick and I played another enjpyable game of "To the Strongest" - me with my new Republican Romans, Nick with his Successor Army. This was a great opportunity to try out the riles with a pike vs legion game. My checkerboard small units below, 200pts of romans and Numidians:

Nicks pike blocks in his cente, with a Nellie (more about that later) and some Scythian cavalry on his left flank

Here is a grand shot of my 8x5 table marked up with a 150mm grid

Above, the battle from my perspective, with my left flank getting stuck in 

Above, the centre ground, Romans trying to keep formation as they advance rapidly

Above, my right flank, Numidians attempting an outflanking manoeuvre, I'm killing units on both flanks

Some action in the centre, the pike blocks take some  damage after Nellie takes a hit from my Javelinmen and rampages back through a unit of raw pikemen

The Roman maniples put in a jolly good show

The Successors lose their final  victory medals, the a Romans win!
Once again an excellent game, lasting just under 3 hours, with a break for egg and bacon sarneys...


Simon Miller said...

Looks great Barry! How did the small units do? Like Paullus, I always worry when I see Romans fighting pike on the flat.

Barry Lee said...

Hi Simon, they worked really well! It allowed me to deploy in the checkerboard, and they gave as good as they got from the pikes. Just added a bit more of a description.

Simon Miller said...

A Roman win! I'm impressed, they can struggle with the pikes (if the velites fail to disorder them).

Best, Simon

Barry Lee said...

I may have been a bit lucky (or nick unlucky). Firstly he had one big command in the centre, and several times they failed to move. It gave me the advantage. Second, both flanks crumbled, so by the time the pikemen closed in, I wasturning on them a elephant crashed through his raw pikeme, they survived, but it left a big hole!

Great game though, I'm hoping to finish my Carthaginians next so I can take the successors on with these!

Simon Miller said...

I think you might have been quite lucky; I've seen pike causing maniples all sorts of grief, especially when the Romans are handled overly aggressively.

Phil said...

Nice report, splendid armies and very impressive pikes!