Saturday, 4 July 2015

Middle Imperial Romans

A week off work, and I was able to discipline myself not to start any new painting projects, but finish a couple off instead. The first is my middle imperial romans, A&A miniatures unless otherwise stated.

First the Heavy Cavalry. Based on impetus size bases:

Next the infantry, starting with a unit of Auxilia that is made up of Aventine metal and Warlord plastics. I think the figures fit well together and the plastics add a dynamic to the unit
The next infantry units are all A&A

 The Guardsmen above are my favourites. Next are the light cavalry

Artillery, also by A&A minis
 And finally the Heroes and Officer

The commander in chief


Jonathan Freitag said...

That is some very fine work and in massive doses too!

Evan Hughes said...

Spectacular cavalry and stunning infantry - excellent work!

Simon Miller said...

Very nice Barry! Splendid Praetorians.

Phil said...

Outstanding job, they look beautiful!!