Sunday, 23 March 2014

Another game of Hail Caesar

3 games in as many months! Unheard of at Chez Lee. This time a Roman Civil War, 4th century. 

On my right flank, a skirmish between light troops

On my left flank, an all cavalry clash

And in the centre, the Heavy infantry advance toward each other

In the centre, nicks Romans launch themselves at my Artillery. Needless to say, the artillery didn't survive

My heavy cavalry destroy their opponents on the left (well what do you expect Nick when you charge Cataphracts with Medium Cavalry?)

Nick keeping up a brave face, despite losing his cavalry division and allowing my cavalry to envelope his right flank.

So I think I had the benefit of some lucky dice rolls, and the game was mine. We are certainly getting the hang of the rules now, they are ideal for a nice friendly game lasting about 3 1/2 hours with about 400points per side on an 8x4 table. 

Most of the figures are Foundry 28mm


Steve63 said...

A good looking game, pleased to see the Romans won!

Cyrus said...

Fantastic Late Roman Civil War game!

Bedford said...

Great looking game. Looks like you had a lot of fun in the bottom pic ;>)


Phil said...

Nice looking game!

Hobbyworker said...

Wow.... great looking game and miniatures :)

Lord Raglan said...

Some lovely troops arrayed in this game, shame you are not playing War and Conquest.