Saturday, 8 February 2014

Another game of a Hail Caesar

This time Huns against Late Romans. A very special game, not the least because I was reunited with some figures I painted for my good friend Nick almost ten years ago!

First, my Hun army, with Goths, Franks an Alans
Above - The Alan's, 

The Hun Nobles

The Franks

Next, the Roman combatants

And finally a few shots of the game

The Romans left flank, the Roman Cavalry Division clash with Frankish infantry and Goth Cavalry

The same flank, this time from the Huns viewpoint

The Huns right flank, Alan cavalry clash with Roman Medium Infantry. This melee went back and forth for quite a few moves, but eventually the Romans won through, with the Alan cavalry breaking

A good game, the turning point for the Huns came when their prize unit, the marvellous Hunnic noble cavalry, gave a very poor showing against a unit of Roman cavalry. Atilla hung his head in shame as the unit broke. 


AHunt said...

Those are great looking armies. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these in action.

Phil said...

Beautiful armies and pictures, great report!

Simon Miller said...

Very nice Barry! I covet a Hunnic horde, m'self...

Barry Lee said...

Thanks. Simon, they are certainly a great looking army, but one I probably need to think more carefully how to use. I didn't expect the Noble cavalry to get beat up so easily (but they did roll very badly!)

Barry Lee said...
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Cyrus said...

Superb Huns and Late Romans, looks like a great game!