Sunday, 22 September 2013

Foundry Huns, Franks and Goths

This army was built in such a way that it be used on its own or parts could be used in my Late Roman Army. I am particularly pleased with the Hun Nobles, as I used some artistic license to mount them on A&A lamellar armoured horses, added Sassanid shields (because they were suitable eastern looking, and Lbms shield transfers

Here is a picture of all four Hun cavalry units together:

Here is the whole army: (48 Hun cavalry, 4x30 Frankish Infantry, 48 Goth/ Sarmatian cavalry):

Close up shot of the right flank -

Close up of the left flank -


James Brewerton said...

What a fantastic looking army. Thank you very much for sharing it must have taken you years to complete
Peace James

fireymonkeyboy said...

Oh, man, that is some gorgeous work. Are we going to get to see shots of it in action?


Cyrus said...

Another superb army.

Simon Miller said...

You have some terrific looking armies there, Barry! I like the use of the A&A horses.

Barry Lee said...

Hoping to Have a game with these next week using Simons rules, will share the pictures of it!

Simon Miller said...

Cool, I look forward to the AAR, Barry!